Why I Cut the Carbs

A Video Collection by Jack Waldenmaier


What I Eat Now

by Jack Waldenmaier
(For informational purposes only. May not be appropriate for everyone.)


– Spinach
– Kale
– Chard
– Arugula <=== recently added
– Broccoli
– Brussels Sprouts
– Asparagus
– Cauliflower
– Fully-Cooked Legumes in very small amounts only (for extra dietary fiber if needed)

NO other vegetables!
This means NO carrots, NO potatoes, NO corn, NO squash, etc.

– Berries (Be sure they are grown in the USA.)
– Dark Purple Plums <=== recently added
– Lemons
– Avocados
– Olives / Olive Oil (packaged in a DARK glass bottle)
– Tomato Sauce (Make sure it contains no vegetable oils, no sugar, no sweeteners or additives of any kind.)
– Cranberry Juice (Unsweetened. Make sure it contains no OTHER fruit juices such as apple or pear.)

NO other fruits!
This means NO oranges, NO apples, NO bananas, NO grapes, NO raisons, NO peaches, NO pears, NO pineapples, NO grapefruit etc.

Nuts (dry-roasted, packed with NO oils)
– Macadamias
– Almonds
– Cashews
– Walnuts <=== recently added

NO Seeds & NO Grains!
This means NO corn oil, NO soybean oil, NO canola oil, NO cottonseed oil, NO safflower oil, NO palm oil, NO sunflower seeds, NO flax seeds, NO wheat, NO oats, NO corn, NO rice, NO pasta, NO cookies, NO cakes, NO pies, NO brownies, NO pretzels, NO chips, NO pizza, NO cereals, NO crackers, NO barley, NO rye, NO hops, NO beer, etc., etc.

Meat (from grass-fed animals, NOT grain-fed)
– Beef
– Lamb
– Pork / Bacon (NOT sugar-cured, NO additives whatsoever)

NO Chicken*, NO Turkey*
*Unless labeled “Free of antibiotics,” “Organic,” “Hormone-free,” and “Pastured.”
(The labels, “free-range” and “cage-free” are not to be trusted.)

Fish (cold-water, NOT farm-raised)
– Salmon
– Sardines
– Halibut
– Mackerel
– Herring <=== recently added (Be sure it’s prepared with NO sugar.)
– Cod <=== recently added
– Haddock <=== recently added

Eggs (from pastured chickens)
– Be sure to eat the WHOLE egg including the yolk.
Butter (from grass-fed cows)
Cheese (from grass-fed cows)
– Brie and Gouda can supply additional vitamin K2

NO Low-Fat & NO Non-Fat dairy products

Salt (Iodized)
Fish Oil (Carlson Labs)
Vitamin D3

Starbucks® Espresso


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